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2011: Year in Review

My highlights of 2011:

  1. In February I spent two weeks in Shanghai, China kicking off a project for InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). The project was to create a regionalized website for the China market and is the first production cloud deployment for IHG, running on Amazon Web Services.
  2. Also in February my fiance learned of a job opportunity for her at Boeing in Seattle, WA. I worked it out with my awesome boss at IHG that I could stay on remotely and Rhonda and I decided to make the leap.
  3. In March I spent a few days in Aguascalientes, Mexico to evaluate a new software partner for IHG. We were incredibly impressed with the meetings. My plane out of AGU was so small I couldn’t sit up straight and I saw Willem Dafoe in Mexico City while catching my connecting flight.
  4. In April I traveled to New Delhi and Mumbai, India to meet with two other potential software partners for IHG. The meetings were disappointing. While in India, we traveled to Pune to visit a long-time, existing partner. We had a fantastic dinner and it was great to finally meet many of the people that I had worked with for years but had never had the opportunity to shake hands with.
  5. After India we made a stopover in Europe for some leisure. In 5 days we drove from Munich through Austria to Venice to Milan to Zurich and back to Munich. The BMW museum in Munich, dinner in Milan, and dinner at Weihenstephan brewery outside of Munich were the high points of the trip. Venice was the low point. All in all, we drove over 1,000 miles.
  6. After Europe we left Atlanta for Seattle, driving cross country with stopovers in St. Louis, Nebraska, Fort Collins, Yellowstone, and Twin Falls. Our drive is chronicled starting here. The drive was over 3,000 miles.
  7. In June I flew back to Atlanta and went to the Bonnaroo music festival. It was a great time catching up with everyone from back home.
  8. In July we sold our home back in Atlanta after having it on the market for just over 3 months. We sold it for $100 more than we had bought it for in 2003. We lost a bit after commission, but given the state of the housing market we did quite well.
  9. In August we saw friends in Portland and visited Deschutes and Cascade Brewing Barrel House.
  10. In September some friends came out to Seattle for the Bumbershoot music festival. It was a fun and exhausting weekend.
  11. In October I sold my 8 year old, 140,000 mile Toyota Tundra and bought a 2012 Volkwswagen Golf TDI. I love the diesel engine and the features of the Golf are top notch.
  12. In November we traveled to Atlanta for Thanksgiving with family and I turned 29 years old.
  13. In December we traveled back to Atlanta for Christmas with family and then drove to San Francisco for New Year’s Eve with family there. The drive was over 1,500 miles.
  14. Between April and December I traveled between Seattle and Atlanta 7 times.

In summary, I flew over 75,000 miles and drove over 5,000 not counting every day driving. I visited 3 continents, 10 countries, and 23 cities. The biggest event was obviously the move from Atlanta to Seattle. It’s been a great experience so far.